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Welcome to Abeingo Alberta website.

The Association is not for profit, non-political, non-denominational and non-partisan. The main purpose of the Association is to provide a forum for members to interact and pursue common objectives including, but not limited to, economic empowerment, promotion of social and cultural heritage and to offer tailor-made advice, information and training on civic duties and obligations in order to enhance integration and understanding of the host and other immigrant communities in Alberta and Canada.

The editor welcomes scholarly research and information on tribes that have lexical similarities with various Luhya tongues. If some sections are missing or incorrectly linked, please bring it to our attention but most important, make a contribution to the website. All you have to is to register.

Oluyia is fire: A local African Mutual Assistance Association around 1930 first suggested the name Luhya and when in postwar colonial period, it was found to be politically advantageous to possess a super tribal identity; the Luhya had emerged as a national group. The word "Oluyia" means fireplace.