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The Association is not for profit, non-political, non-denominational and non-partisan. The main purpose of the Association /Mission

To provide a forum for members to interact and pursue common objectives including, but not limited to, economic empowerment, promotion of social and cultural heritage and to offer tailor-made advice, information and training on civic duties and obligations in order to enhance integration and understanding of the host and other immigrant communities in Alberta and Canada. Specifically, the Association seeks to:


  • Facilitate collective participation in all aspects of community development for Abeingo and other African communities in Alberta, Canada and other parts of the world as the Association may from time to time think fit; and
  • Promote the dignity of members through programs that ease incidence of poverty, ignorance, injustice and ill-health; and
  • Empower Abeingo and related ethnic minorities to have a say in decisions that affect their lives and the environment through training and advocacy programs; and
  • Initiate proactive collaboration with governmental and non governmental agencies, businesses and faith group in seeking solutions to problems endemic in the community; and
  • Encourage grassroots communities in Western Kenya to identify and initiate sustainable socio-economic projects that utilize local resources; and
  • Help the community achieve self-reliance through promotion of business enterprises and investments; and
  • Organize and seek sponsorship of literary, musical and other cultural events in order to preserve the rich cultural traditions of Abeingo.

Our Vission

Luhya History:

The Luhya live in three countries of East Africa - Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. They live in the Western and Rift Valley provinces.

The Luhya comprise several sub tribes with different but mutually understood linguistic dialects. Some of these subgroups are Ababukusu, Abanyala, Abatachoni, Abamarama, Abaidakho, Abaisukha, Abatiriki, Abakisa, Abamarachi, and Abasamia, Abatachoni, Abatwa, Abasaboti, Abatsotso,Abawanga,Abashirotsa, Abamaragoli,Abanyole,.

With Maragoli and Banyore sub tribes occupying what is the world's most densely populated rural region.

They are mainly subsistence farmers and fishermen - growing maize, beans, millet, sorghum and cassava while the people of Bunyala are great sculptors